25 May 2015

Parts Parts Parts!

This weekend we received all of our parts needed to make our final prototype. We have our pcb, all of our components, and our ftdi programmer.

We will be soldering up our board all of Tuesday, loading our current code on it end of day if all goes as planned.

Hardware Code

All of the hardware is fully controllable over bluetooth and we our happy with our state machine to control the mode of the device. We are still fine tuning our spin detection. What we have currently works, though it can always be better.

Phone Application

We have our communication flow as written below.

  1. User presses button within the app which makes a request to the device for a single data set.
  2. The data set is a string of integer separated by spaces and sent over serial by calling serial.println(dataSet).
  3. When the spinBit receives a request it will send the next available data set
  4. The app will receive and process the data set and send a response that indicates the data set was received.
  5. When the spinBit gets the response from the app it will delete the next available data set.
  6. If a request is made of the spin bit and there are no available data sets, instead of sending a data set it will send a message indicating there are no more data sets to be sent.
  7. The app will receive this message and display a message to the user.

We also have some simple visualizations built into our phone application to show the user their spin data in an interesting way.

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